Affordable Appliance Repair North York offers service on all major household appliances including but not limited to: stoves, ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, washers, and dryers. We have an excellent team of professional appliance repair technicians that have are experienced working with all major home appliances of all different types of brands and models. Our professional appliance repair technicians are local to the North York area so they are always available and ready to respond to all North York appliance repair requests and surrounding areas. We specialize in efficient long lasting appliance repairs for all home appliances, our technicians are trained extensively so that they can provide quality repairs at an affordable price. At Affordable Appliance Repair North York, we take customer satisfaction very seriously, that is why our service team is available every single day to answer your calls at any time. When you call us looking for an urgent appliance repair we will connect you with one of our professional repair technicians so that they can answer any questions you may have and setup the best time for you to come and begin diagnosis and repairs. Our expert repair technicians always provide exact quotations for parts and labour to complete your appliance repair quickly without any hidden fees or surprises. If you are having any difficulties with one of your home appliances please do not hesitate to give us a call and setup your appliance repair appointment today, it is always best to get your appliance repaired sooner rather than later.



Dishwashers are a common appliance found in every home today, they save us time and energy by cleaning and drying our dishes for us, so when the dishwasher stops working it can be a big inconvenience to our lives. Thankfully, Affordable Appliance Repair North York specializes in repairing dishwashers of all different brands and models, so whenever you have problems with your dishwasher we will be ready to fix it for you. Our dishwasher repair technicians are available every day for your convenience because we understand that when your home appliances stop working it is very important to get them repaired as quickly as possible at an affordable price. Affordable Appliance Repair North York has worked for many years and built strong relationships with our suppliers so we are always able to provide you the best price for high quality parts that will keep your appliance running for a long time. So if your dishwasher begins malfunctioning, ceasing to work or leaking then you should call us immediately and have one of our dishwasher repair experts come out and begin diagnosis. Call Affordable Appliance Repair North York for trustworthy, honest appliance repair services done quickly and efficiently.



Locating a reliable dryer repair service that you can trust is not always easy, but at Affordable Appliance Repair North York we offer professional dryer repair services from experienced dryer repair experts. So when you are stuck with a malfunctioning dryer and need to get your clothes dried, we are available to you every day for urgent appliance repair service or scheduled appointments. Our dryer repair experts are always available for your convenience, and able to repair many different brands and models of dryers. It can be a great inconvenience to not be able to use your dryer, and if it’s still operating but not properly, then continued use could result in serious damage to the appliance and possibly make repairs more expensive or require complete replacement. Replacing your dryer is almost always more expensive than repairs especially when you add the installation and removal fees associated with purchasing a new dryer. You can trust that our appliance repair technicians have trained extensively on all types of dryers and will be able to quickly and accurately diagnose your dryer and repair it in the most affordable and long lasting way possible. If you are concerned about the repair then we offer quick and efficient diagnosis along with an exact quotation before we perform any repair service, so if you want peace of mind then call today and setup your service call.



When your refrigerator stops cooling properly it can be detrimental to the life span of your food and groceries, often times the fridge holds hundreds of dollars’ worth of food that will spoil if not cooled. So when your refrigerator starts malfunctioning you should call a professional appliance repair company and get a service technician out to you as quickly as possible to begin repairs. We consider fridge repairs to often be emergencies and that is why we are available every day for you to call us and receive the fastest appliance repair service in North York at an affordable rate. Repairing your fridge quickly can often save you as much money in groceries as the repair itself, so don’t risk spoiling all of your food waiting for an appointment when you can call our emergency appliance repair service and get your fridge fixed fast.



Stoves and Ovens although serving separate purposes often come as one single appliance, so it’s important to have a professional appliance repair technician who is familiar with both so they can accurately diagnose your stove or oven. Our appliance repair technicians are trained to service all different types of stoves and ovens, whether they are separate appliances or attached, our experts will have no trouble quickly diagnosing and repairing them. Affordable Appliance Repair North York is constantly training and improving our repair techniques so we can provide our customers with the best appliance repair service in North York. Your stove & oven are critical to your ability to prepare meals for your family and can be dangerous appliances to attempt repairs on if you are not trained properly, that’s why you should call us today and setup your stove or oven repair service.



Washing machines have become a standard appliance in most homes, they wash your clothes with minimal time and effort from you and typically get them cleaner than washing by hand. Washing machines have grown to be more complex over the years as technology has advanced, with sensing technology, variable water and spin settings controlled by new technology. With all new advancements, there comes faults and failures, which is why it is important to have a professional washer repair expert available to come and repair your washer. Affordable Appliance Repair North York hires only certified appliance repair technicians and ensures consistent training so we are always prepared for new models of washing machine and technologies. So if your washing machine is having trouble, give us a call and have one of our washer repair specialists come out and diagnose your washing machine and provide you with an accurate quote for the repair. We use high quality parts for all of our repair work, installed by professionally trained washer repair technicians so that the repairs will last for a long time. So if you need a washer repair service done quick and correctly, then give us a call today and see how we can help you with your washing machine.