Ridge Charilaos


Family Dinners are important to me, as it is the best time to catch up with my family who I barely get to see during the week. So when my stove suddenly broke down and stopped working, I needed to get it fixed quickly. I found Affordable Appliance Repair North York, and when I called at 8pm they answered and had a stove technician out to me the next morning. It was a pleasant surprise, I thought the stove was going to be broken for weeks waiting for repairs, but he had it all done and fixed that day and I was able to cook dinner that night. The best part was the cost, they really do live up to their name, thank you Affordable Appliance Repair North York.



Rose Quinlan


Dishwashers make life so much easier, when my dishwasher broke down, I couldn’t believe how much time I had to waste cleaning the dishes for the day. The worst part is not only did I have to clean the dishes, but when my dishwasher broke it started leaking, and I was so worried that it was going to permanently damage my floor. Thankfully, when I called Affordable Appliance Repair North York, they sent out a dishwasher specialist that same day and had the leak repaired and even helped ensure the water had not damaged my floor. Now I don’t have to do the dishes by hand or spend a fortune repairing my floor, thank you so much!



Brendan Garnet


When your refrigerator breaks down, it is an awful experience, I didn’t notice until the smell, and all my food was going bad, the milk was turning, it was disgusting. Not to mention the cost of all the groceries that were now ruined, I had to find an appliance repair service to come and fix it before I lost even more food. I was able to find Affordable Appliance Repair North York and the friendly girl on the phone assured me that a technician would call me shortly and finalize the appointment and he did! They came out and had my fridge fixed the same day, I saved half of my groceries and didn’t spend nearly as much as I thought I would. Thanks so much for the fast service and affordable cost!



Hellen Pancrazio


Laundry in my house is done daily, with all my kids sometimes it feels like the laundry never ends. So when my dryer stopped working, I had no idea how I was going to dry all the clothes I needed to wash. I frantically started looking for a dryer repair service, and I found Affordable Appliance Repair North York, when I called them, they setup my service call quickly, and by the time I had all my wet clothes hung up, the technician had arrived. He was in and out in less than an hour, and my dryer was working again with no problems, they really saved me a ton of time and the fee was incredibly reasonable for such swift and professional service. I would recommend Affordable Appliance Repair North York to all of my friends and will definitely call them if I ever have any future appliance problems.



August Myrto


When I was growing up, I had to go to the Laundry Mat to do my laundry, walking up with my bags full of dirty laundry and spending hours there watching the clothes wash and dry. So in my house, everyone has to do their own laundry since we have our own washer and dryer, but this usually ends up with everyone trying to do the laundry at the same time. So when my washer started leaking on the weekend, there was mass panic at my house and everyone was worried they wouldn’t be able to clean their clothes for the next week. I thought for sure we wouldn’t have somebody out until at the earliest, Monday morning, but I found Affordable Appliance Repair North York who answered my call on a Saturday and had a technician out on Sunday. I had no idea there were actually appliance repair companies who were open every day, but thanks to them I was able to get the machine repaired on Sunday and all the laundry done before the next week. Thanks so much for saving me and my family from having no clothes for the week, and all at a cheap price.